The fruits of my labor…is very good with cocktails

As a nation, we’ve always been calamansi (calomondin) lovers. Kalamansi was always the citrus of choice over condiments. It’s abundant, cheap and has the right hint of tartness. Our South East Asian neighbors though, prefer the bigger and more sour cousin, lime. In 2010 I planted seeds from limes that I bought from Vietnam but I’ve forgotten they even existed until my mother told me “Your citrus tree has fruited.” At first I thought it was the kaffir lime but the skin wasn’t wrinkled.

I picked about 6 pieces of lime and took it all the way to South Palawan during a trip, cause you know you’ll never know when you’re going to need lime! Well thank goodness I had the foresight. The South Palawan trip was one for the books, and I had to drown my sorrows and jitters with booze. On our last day in South Palawan, we’ve run out of Coke, but I spotted 2 liters of Red Lipton Iced Tea our guide brought with him.  So in short Tanduay + Red Lipton Iced Tea + Lime is really really really really good.


The Pirates

1 parts Tanduay Rhum
2 parts Lipton Red Iced Tea (chilled)

Procedure: Mix together and voila! The proportion is all up to you. I promise it’s good. You’re welcome.

I’ve had this with kalamansi but lime was much better. Lime is meant for cocktails so since lime is impossible to find here in the supermarkets, I’ve forbidden anyone to pick the fruits unless it’s for cocktails.