for the love of paper and pen

for the love of paper and pen

Uchida Markers Le Plume

Good brush pens are hard to find in Manila, most of the time you have to order them overseas. I was at Manila Book Fair 2014 at SMX and stumble upon this brand at the National Bookstore booth: Marvy Uchida Le Plume Alcohol Based Permanent Markers, they are brush pens with an ultra soft tip. Each pen costs around Php 120.00 and there was a 10% discount offer so I bought the black one and 2 purple tones to see how they work for lettering. They have around 144 colors to choose from according to their website.

Like most brush pens, they really bleed on the back of the paper so it’s wise to put another sheet of paper underneath the page you’re working on. I’ve noticed there’s this strong smell when I started using the purple colored marker. This faint chemical smell is common with these pens but at some point I couldn’t really stand it. The pen itself is fat, so gripping it while doing script lettering was quite a challenge. This pen is a workhouse for coloring manga and other arts and crafts use. I haven’t fully abused them like I do with other brush markers so the tip was still fine and in perfect form. I like how the tip is soft and really bends but I still find it hard to control. Verdict: Not for brush lettering but great for coloring.

Marvy Uchida Le Plume Alcohol Based Permanent Markers is available in National Bookstore outlets nationwide.


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